Monday, January 17, 2011

tea and sewing

On semi-warm days(like today) I like to get out my tea set and sit outside amidst the roses in my garden with a sewing project.
Now to be completely honest with you guys, I don't do this as often as I should. Finding a little hobby or a daily habit is very fun, inspiring and healthy. Going outside and/or doing something you like can stir your creative juices and give you inspiration for many things. So I suggest you do it.
Here are some things I like to do that give me inspiration and creativity.
• Drawing. I rarely have time for this, even though I LOVE to draw. I have my own little studio in the living room that I sometimes use to work on art assignments.
• Doodling on school papers when I've done all the classwork or when the teacher is talking about boring stuff.
• Writing. I tend to use my laptop for this, because it doesn't have internet access and doesn't distract me while I'm working.
• Stargazing. Not only do I find the stars and moon enchanting to look at, but breathing the cool fresh night air gives me a good night's sleep and pleasant dreams.
• Writing down my dreams in a dream journal that I keep next to my bed. Gives me great ideas for stories, and fun to read and remember later.
• Keeping a journal/diary. I let my feelings and emotions flow into this journal I keep on my shelf, to let out my stress with pen and paper, and feel better when I let it out.
• Drinking tea outside. My garden is filled with roses, so sitting in the middle of it with a pink teacup feels lovely and enchanting, making me feel like a princess, despite the fact that I usually do this in my messy hair and clothes.
• Sewing either clothes or stuffed animals or something else is very relaxing and creative. At least I find it so. Sewing can also bring about some great gifts for your friends and relatives.
• Writing letters to your friends or relatives, with a pen on pretty paper. I mean, come on, isn't that so much cuter and sweeter than plain emails?
• Going to the park. I LOVE to swing. I go for about an hour or half an hour every time. While I swing, I like to imagine, so I come up with a lot of great stories.
• Hanging out with little kids and telling them stories. I find kids really cute and sweet (other than my brother) and I love to play with them. And since I come up with so many stories, why not tell them to someone who will enjoy them?
• Hanging out with friends. I'm not the most sociable person out there, but I enjoy hanging out with my friends, telling jokes and stories, laughing and crying together.
• Reading. I'm a bookworm. My favorite author is Frances Hodgeson Burnett. Her books are AWESOME!!!!

What are some of your creative hobbies and habits? I'd like to know!

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